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Responsibilities: - to conduct Performance Audit of Government Capital Projects, and Value-For-Money and Special Audits, and to report the findings to the Auditor – Projects/VFM for onward transmission to the Director and given corrective control measures to mitigate risks of mismanagement and fraud.

Project's Section for Capital projects Objectives: -

  1. To monitor the project throughout its life cycle (progress reports)
    • To determine compliance to Government Financial Rules and Regulations and Contract's Specifications and Clauses
    • To verify that the actual work activities are being executed correctly according to design specifications and the works are progressing on time.
  2. To evaluate the project's performance (for final report)
    • To determine whether the project went through the normal Gov’t Contractual process which include: tendering, analysing of bids, and approval & awarding of contract
    • To determine whether the project was completed within budget, within timeframe, and according to Contract Specifications.
    • To access whether government received equal value for money spent on the projects, and the project objective was met (the end product is exactly as the final design - projected vs. actual)

Objectives for Project’s Section Value-For-Money Audits: -

  1. To ascertain that Government receive due/equal value for monies spent for a project through economy in procuring, efficiency of the processes, effectiveness of the purpose/objective of the project, and
  2. To determine what social, educational, and or cultural impact of such a project on society.

Objectives for Project’s Section Special/Investigative Audits: -

  1. To examine an organization's or individual's economic affairs, resulting in a report designed especially for use in a court of law, to unearth the truth to be admissible/permissible in court.