GOCD header
  • Developing and maintaining a comprehensive internationally accepted programme for evaluating the financial and operational systems and procedures of all activities of the Government of DOMINICA
  • Examining financial transactions for accuracy and evaluating compliance with all applicable Laws and Regulations, Cabinet Decisions, and internal Policies and Procedures
  • Evaluating the cost effectiveness and efficiency of all Government activities
  • Ascertain the adequacy of controls for safeguarding all State's assets and liabilities, and when appropriate, verify the existence of all assets and liabilities
  • Appraising the timeliness, reliability, usefulness and integrity of Government's records and financial reporting
  • Maintaining technically competent staff by ensuring continuing education and active involvement in professional activities
  • Reporting audit findings with recommendations to the Parliament of the Commonwealth of DOMINICA through the Minister of Finance
  • Performing a variety of Audit types and fraud detection